To provide peer to peer group coaching (in Dutch intervisie) during your PhD trajectory. Peer to peer group coaching is experience driven. The content of the meetings is determined by the participating PhD candidates themselves and therefore has relevance for daily practice and needs of PhD candidates.


Currently, Peer to Peer Group Coaching takes place online through Teams.

The first meeting will be chaired by the PhD candidate Advisor. In the following meetings, you will work with a rotating chairman. There will be four follow-up meetings, scheduled by the group itself. The advised frequency of the meetings is once every two months. The participants keep track of attendance in an Excel-sheet which is forwarded to the PhD candidate advisor after every meeting. If you are unable to attend, you notify the other group members and the PhD Candidate Advisor by e-mail.

    Scheduled dates

    A new group starts when 6-8 participants have applied. The date for the first meeting is scheduled by the PhD candidate advisor, through an online tool.

    Target audience

    PhD candidates who would like to get support from peers, reflect, discuss issues without hierarchical differences and get insight and find possible solutions to everyday problems

    Study Load

    In total 14,5 hours: 10,5 hours (1x2,5 plus 4x2) attendance plus  4 hours preparing for meetings; which is comparable to 0,5 ECTS.


    During the meetings (duration 2 hours, first meeting 2,5 hour) a maximum of two issues can be addressed. Examples of issues that can be addressed are: problems with communication with supervisors, planning of your project, competition with colleagues, time management, difficulties with writing or presenting etc.

      Number of participants

      6-8 per group


      A certificate is issued. Attendance is registered. If you miss the first meeting of the group you are placed in, you cannot participate in this group and have to wait until a new group starts. If you do not attend the first meeting of the next group you are placed in, you will be taken of the list.

      Course Coordinator

      The PhD candidate advisors of our team. Contact:


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