This course on writing a scientific article will teach you to write well-structured, easily flowing scientifc texts that help get your message across clearly, through the study of theory, analysis of published texts, relevant exercises and writing assignments.


The course runs eight times a year. Each course consists of four sessions, plus written assignments that receive individual feedback from the instructor and peer reviewers (other course participants). Attendance at all four sessions and completion of all writing assignments is compulsory.

    Scheduled dates:

    • May 20, June 3 and 17, July 1, 2021 (online)

    Before the start of every edition of the Scientific Writing course, we will notify all the listed applicants by e-mail. You can then indicate whether you want to actually participate in that particular edition.

      Target Audience

      Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates with research experience who have finalized much of the theoretical and technical aspects of their research and have at least some results that are ready to be turned into a research article.

      Study load

      42 hours, which is comparable to 1.5 ECTS.


      Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

      • Academic writing as a genre - how is academic English different from 'regular' English and why is that important
      • Introductions - creating a research space; using the right tenses to get your message across
      • Method section - how and when to use passives
      • Discussion - structure, tense use, hedging, and writing about strengths and limitations
      • Writing well-structured paragraphs
      • Common errors - how to avoid them

      The course will require you to study some theory between sessions (videos and textbook sessions) and work on writing assignments (Introduction and Discussion). The sessions will consist of mini-lectures on theory, working on and discussing exercises and analyses directly relevant to your writing, and giving and receiving peer feedback of the writing assingments.

      You will also receive detailed feedback from your instructor on your written Introduction and Discussion.

      Number of participants

      Maximum 15 per course.


      Attendance at all 4 sessions is compulsory and registered. Issuance of the certificate is also based on progress in the participant's writing, as demonstrated by performance in the assignments.

      Course Coordinator

      Taalcentrum - VU
      Questions? Please contact our course coordinator / / E2-172 / tel. +31 (0)20 - 566 4618.


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