This year the call is open for all excellent Amsterdam UMC students who have recently completed or will soon complete their Master’s programme.

Amsterdam UMC PhD Scholarships 2021

In 2021, six Amsterdam UMC PhD Scholarships will be awarded to excellent students in Medicine, Medical Informatics, Biomedical Sciences or Social Sciences. The Amsterdam PhD scholarships are financed from core government funding and covers most of the costs of a four-year appointment as Research Trainee (Onderzoeker in Opleiding) at the Amsterdam UMC, including a small bench fee (216k in total).

The deadline for applications is June 1st 23:59, 2021


    • You hold a degree in Medicine (MD or MSc) or a master in Medical Informatics from the AMC/UvA or VUmc/VU, which you obtained after January 1, 2020 or will obtain before January 1, 2022


      • You hold an MD or MSc degree from another faculty or university, which you obtained after January 1, 2020 or will obtain before January 1, 2022, you have taken a student research placement (wetenschappelijke stage, scriptie or werkstuk) at the Faculty of Medicine UvA or Faculty of Medicine VU, or affiliated research institutes NKI, Sanquin, NIN-KNAW, or GGD Amsterdam as part of your curriculum, for which you obtained a good mark

      And all of the following
        • You have explicit agreement from an Amsterdam UMC professor to act as your PhD supervisor (promotor)

        • Your research will be mainly done in the Amsterdam UMC, or in an Amsterdam UMC affiliated research institute (at least 75% of the time)
        • Your research will lead to a PhD dissertation to be defended at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam or the VU Amsterdam
        • You are able to start to work on your PhD project not later than March 1, 2022

        We also expect you to attend the Awards Session in October 2021, where the Amsterdam UMC PhD Scholarship 2021 winners will be announced.


        To apply for an Amsterdam UMC PhD scholarship, you must submit the following documents, in this set order:

          • A letter explaining your reasons for applying and how you fulfil the requirements (in English)

          • The Amsterdam UMC PhD Scholarship Application Form 2021, including your research proposal and a financial paragraph (the supervisor department's AMR consultant (AMC) or business controller from your department (VUmc) can assist you)
          • Your curriculum vitae, including the course transcript of your Master’s degree or equivalent (cijferlijst) issued by the faculty student administration, and a list of your publications
          • Written confirmation from your intended PhD supervisor (promotor) that he or she is willing to act in that capacity

          The research proposal can be prepared jointly with your intended PhD supervisor, who must sign it for approval. The form includes a description of your research project, the name of the Amsterdam UMC department at which you will perform your work, the name of the PhD supervisor, and a budget with the estimated total costs of your research, including the proportions to be met from the scholarship and from elsewhere, such as the department or external sources.

          Note that the Amsterdam UMC PhD Scholarship is a personal grant. If the PhD candidate leaves the Amsterdam UMC or abandons the approved research before the end of the contract term, the scholarship lapses.


          Deadline for application of digital proposal is Tuesday June 1st, 2021, at 23.59 hrs. Proposals should be sent as a single *.pdf file (please note the set order of the documents listed under ''Application'') by e-mail to:
          Janine Stolwijk, secretary of the selection committee.


          Selection of the candidates will be performed in two phases. The first selection round will be performed by a selection team of experienced researchers based on your application file. Selected candidates will be invited for an interview for the second selection round done by the interviewing committee. This committee will finally select the candidates based on this interview.


          First selection round:                           Half July
          Second selection and interviews:      August/September

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