New Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE – The 2021 edition

With great pride, we present our Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE 2021 covering the overarching theme: resilience. The magazine dives into the understanding of the brain, via resilience, prognosis and prevention. A must-read when you are into neuroscience or want to get an insight into the Amsterdam Neuroscience network. 

In this, third edition of the Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE, you’ll find a series of interviews with a selection of neuroscientists from our Amsterdam Neuroscience research institute. Each of them is studying resilience in some way — be it directly or indirectly — and they discuss the above-mentioned aspects in more detail.

We hope you enjoy this online issue and that it will inform and inspire you. We are proud of all the great people working at Amsterdam Neuroscience, a place where networks are key: both in our study of the neuronal ones and in our connection as a team in Amsterdam.

Link to the online magazine or click on the cover above:

Arjen Brussaard – director
Diederik van de Beek – co-director

  New Amsterdam Neuroscience MAGAZINE – The 2021 edition