ACS Thesis app

As of January 2020, ACS provides the PhD Thesis App for ACS PhD candidates who are graduating from Amsterdam UMC. The ACS Thesis App makes your PhD thesis more interactive, accessible and sustainable. The app is sponsored by ACS and replaces the former ACS grant for printing costs.

In this online ACS Thesis App, theses from ACS researchers will be bundled and freely available. You can access the ACS Thesis App and see all uploaded ACS PhD theses via ACS Thesis app. The app is linked to the monthly overview of PhD defenses that is sent to all ACS researchers.

Advantages of the ACS Thesis App

Include online networks and a form for questions

Enhance your PhD Thesis by incorporating online networks such as, ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, PubMed and Publons, and by adding a form for questions where people can ask questions about you or your PhD thesis. You can also include a map of the location of your PhD defense, reception and/or party that links to your mobile navigation App for directions.

Show videos and the livestream your online defense

Add videos or animations of your research experiments, flow-charts or visual abstracts. Include an online live-stream of your defense for people to follow live or on demand, at a later time. You can also share the slides of your presentation in your Thesis App.

Sustainable and easy to share

Save trees by sending a digital QR code or link to your PhD thesis via the ACS Thesis App portal. This will also save you expensive printing and shipping costs, leaving you more money for other expenses. These days it’s even more important to be able to easily share your PhD thesis with all your colleagues, friends and family around the world.

Please note that all chapters can be password protected, also the ones that are under embargo.


Fill in the ACS Thesis app application form (see Downloads below) and send it, preferably at least six weeks before your PhD defense date, to The cover of your thesis and a link to your thesis will appear in our monthly newsletter with all ACS PhD defenses for the coming month. Therefore, it is important to upload your thesis in time in order to be visible at the announcement.


  • The PhD candidate performs research in the field of cardiovascular sciences within Amsterdam UMC.
  • The Principal Investigator of the PhD candidate is affiliated with ACS.
  • The PhD candidate is registered with ACS, receives mails and newsletters.
  • The PhD candidate attends at least once the monthly ACS symposia or annual ACS meeting.
  • The majority of the publications in the PhD thesis name the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences research institute in the affiliation.
  • The PhD candidate uploads his/her thesis in the ACS Thesis app preferably at least one month before the PhD defense date.


ACS Thesis app