In this “Introduction into Research”, students get acquainted with (bio)medical research in an accessible and practice-oriented way. Therefore, your research is central to the assignments students will work on during the track. For instance, an interview with you about your motivations for doing research, or an assignment about the societal impact of your research.

Guiding a group of students offers you, as supervisor, an opportunity to combine research and teaching. You will mentor a group of six first-year medical students in the assignments they have to complete. We provide you practical tools to supervise students by organizing an introductory didactic training and reflection sessions, facilitated by the team “Docentprofessionalisering” (Faculty Development) from the Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc. The exchange of experiences with other PhD students and supervisors is key.  


September 2022 till April 2023

September 22*: Didactic training for supervision
September 22 - April 23*: 5-8 meetings with your students to guide and coach them
Tbd*: Reflection meetings with other supervisors
April 23*: Symposium

*Exact dates will follow.

For whom?

PhD candidates who would like to introduce first year Medicine students to science and research practice.

A prerequisite is that you are at least in the second year of your PhD track, join the didactic training and reflection meetings, and can supervise students for the entire academic year (until April 2023). Students can be supervised in Dutch or English as desired. It is not a requirement that you have studied medicine yourself.

Study load

28 hours, which is comparable to 1.0 ECTS. The distribution of hours is expected to be: 18-22 hours of tutoring and reading/preparation work, 2 hours of didactic training, and 4-8 hours of reflection meetings.   


In this track you can combine your own research with the supervision of students. You will learn how to supervise a small group of students in which your own research is the focus. Students will make various practical assignments about the different aspects involved in research using your examples and experiences of doing research. In the track, you will also learn how to deal with (your own and others) challenges in supervising a group of students, and how to encourage and assess students' professional behavior.

Number of participants

Maximum of 60 participants per academic year.


A participation certificate is issued. Attendance is registered.


Mariëlle Diepeveen and Sylvia Gerritsen, contact via


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