By Jelle Arts, PhD student at the Department of Public and Occupational Health

After I saw the advertisement about the Summer School I was immediately enthusiastic. A course about academic writing in Ghana, what’s not to love. Together with 4 other PhD students from the Amsterdam UMC, and just over 20 enthusiastic students from all over Ghana, it turned out to be a great week. The campus of the University of Ghana is beautiful, and surprisingly calm compared to other parts of chaotic Accra. The teachers of the course were very enthusiastic and have an impressive academic track record. Although the name may suggest otherwise, the course covers various aspects of academic research such as grant writing, qualitative research, and the principles of statistics. The interaction with the teachers and fellow students was very fun and educational. It was interesting to discover the differences and similarities with the (academic) world in Ghana. Also, the examples used for explanation were very striking and funny. For example: What is the difference between Waakye and Fufu in the risk of getting hypertension (both were eaten a lot during lunch)? And when discussing quality vs. quantity of publications: Would you rather see 10 antelopes or 1 elephant? In general, I enjoyed all the people present who provided a positive atmosphere and an educational week. After 5 fun days, the week ended in style with a nice dinner and dancing in Accra.

If you would like to know more about my experience of the course, feel free to reach out.