The following calls are currently open for Amsterdam UMC junior & senior researchers.

Starter Grant in Amsterdam UMC – deadline Thursday 10 November 2022

The Starter Grant is a new instrument set out in the national ‘Policy letter for higher education and science’ and corresponding administrative agreement. The aim is to improve continuity of research lines and thereby also reducing the application pressure to the Talent Scheme (NWO). The grant’s budget amounts to 300K Euros to be spent over a period of 6 years and a possibility of a post-award Team Science top up of max. 40K Euros. There are 10-15 grants available in Amsterdam UMC from 2022-23, of which 5 available in the first round which are expected to start December 2022 at the latest. The internal deadline for applications in the first round is Thursday 10 November 2022 9:00am CET, please find more information and the application form here.

Amsterdam UMC Postdoc Career Bridging grant – deadline Monday 16 January 2023

The third round of this opportunity to attract talent to your research group has opened. This position gives postdocs from outside Amsterdam UMC the opportunity to join our institute and strengthen their profile by generating scientific and societal impact with a view of improving chances of obtaining future EU (MSCA-PF, ERC-StG) or national (NWO-VENI) personal grants. The Postdoc Career Bridging grant amounts to a maximum of 80,000 euros to cover salary for a minimum duration of 1 year and a maximum of 25,000 euros to cover other costs (for example; training, consumables, outreach activities). In addition, a 20,000 euros departmental co-funding is required for applications to be eligible. The grant will be awarded to a maximum of 4 candidates in 2023. The internal deadline for applications is Monday 16 January 2023 9:00am CET and the start date should be no later than 1 December 2023. Please find more details and the application form here.

Consortium Coordination Support (CCS) Grant – deadline Monday 21 November 2022

The CCS Grant is an internal support grant for Amsterdam UMC researchers (location AMC and location VUmc) who want to coordinate a European collaborative project in the Horizon Europe programme. This internal grant aims to provide extensive tailor-made support during the application stage to prepare a full proposal for the 2023 calls published under cluster 1-Health and Mission Cancer. This grant only applies to full stage proposals with a deadline in 2023. The internal deadline for applications has been extended to Monday 21 November 2022, please find more details and the application form here.

Feel free to contact in case of any questions.