To do:

Note: According to the Doctorate Regulations we speak of a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP), but the different VUmc research Institutes' plans are only to be used as a Training Plan (TP). Agreements about supervision are added directly in Hora Finita (see below).

  1. Draft and discuss your Training Plan form (to choose the right template, see 'Downloads' below) with your PhD supervisor(s)
  2. In case of questions, ask the contact person of your research institute (see 'Downloads' below)
  3. After agreement with your supervisor(s) on the Training Plan, submit it in Hora Finita and get approval of all parties, including the PhD Committee of your research institute (see 'Downloads' below)

Necessary documents:

  • An approved Training Plan form needs to be uploaded in Hora Finita. Each research institute has its own template (see 'Downloads' below)


  • The Training Plan describes the training programme, consisting of trainings, courses and activities representing a study load of (at least) 30 ECTS (1 ECTS point = 28 hours)
  • Note 1: If you are a VUmc/VU PhD candidate at Cancer Center Amsterdam who has started the PhD trajectory as from 1 January 2021, you must complete 30 ECTS in agreement with the OOA Training Plan. In case of doubt, ask the contact person of CCA for advice (see link in 'Downloads' below)
    • The VUmc/VU Training Plan includes:  
    1. General information about the PhD candidate, e.g. name, PhD contract start date, date filling in the Training plan
    2. Individual PhD training programme
    • The items mentioned below are to be discussed separately, and need to be completed and agreed upon via Hora Finita: 
    1. Research proposal and work plan of PhD project 
    2. Agreements on supervision
    3. Agreements on progress interviews
    4. Agreements on teaching activities
    • The PhD Competence Model is designed as an easy-to-use self-assessment tool. It reflects the competences a PhD candidate should have acquired by the end of his/her PhD track, depending on his/her career perspective

    Note 2: Use the PhD Competence model outside of the View/Citrix.

    Note 3: Only after you have been admitted to the PhD trajectory, you have access to the dashboard in Hora Finita and it is possible to fill in your portfolio and upload certificates/proofs of attendance.

    Note 4: Only after you have been admitted to the PhD trajectory, you can register for Amsterdam UMC courses (see PhD courses).