This year BCF again organizes free career events and other courses to help PhD’s and postdocs forward in their careers!

(Re)energize your career with BCF on 24 May in Utrecht!

The BCF Career Event for Life Sciences will be taking place on 24 May in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. It's the perfect opportunity to discover new job opportunities and meet potential employers from the field. Learn from first-hand experiences about career pathways and gain insight into specific roles and organisations. Network with employers and make connections that could help unlock your dream career. A variety of talks and panel discussions will be held to provide you with the skill set and knowledge you need to succeed in your career. So regardless of your age, education level, position, or work experience, join us in Utrecht and see where your future could take you! Sign up now and it's free.

Jumpstart your career in the Life Science sector

The life sciences industry is very large. Professionals with a bio background can end up having completely different roles. Are you curious about how the industry works and which job opportunities there are? Then you should definitely acquire skills in new topics such as product development, marketing, IP, business models, andfinance. These skills will allow you to become a 'unicorn', mastering both the science and the business, and land a role in the life sciences industry. Not sure how to get introduced to BioBusiness and learn abou the jobs out there?Check out the BioBusiness Summer School, taking place in Amsterdam on 19 - 23 June 2023. (early-bird rate until 31 March)

Enhance your career prospects in academia

We all know that writing a grant is not easy. The format, the content, the rules to can easily become a bottleneck for your project or research. Skills such as story telling and persuasive communication are also very important to writing a good grant. Would you like to know more about how you can make your application succeed? The Grant Application Course, which will be held online from 10-11 October 2023, provides you with all the key knowledge to make your application successful!