In 2023 LUMC/PJ Futurelab offers three online learning-by-doing courses. The courses are for post-graduate biomedical professionals currently working in academia, industry, business developers, Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs), or regulatory authorities. In these courses, you will be guided by world-renowned experts, including real-time video conferences with teachers and other participants, providing a highly interactive experience.

In addition, the courses give you access to unique tools designed to help you draft a license agreement (the License Agreement Builder), develop the most efficient clinical development program (the Questions Optimizing Calculator), find your way through the regulatory jungle (the Market Approval Navigator), and to find out which committees and other organizations are involved in the review of your clinical trial application for clinical research in the Netherlands (the Committee Finder).

For the courses described below, there are a limited number of scholarships available for participants currently working at a Dutch university, university medical center, research center, or hospital. You can read more below.

Intellectual Property course, starting date: March 6th, 2023

Obtaining a patent is a key step in safeguarding the intellectual property of a new biomedical product and to raise funding for development. In this course you’ll learn the pros and cons of intellectual property, as well as the main do’s and don’ts to help you protect your biomedical invention in a timely manner.

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Clinical Development course, starting date: 6 maart 2023

Question-based clinical development (QBCD) can facilitate the design of a rational, efficient development pathway for new biomedical products. In this course, you’ll learn the principles behind QBCD and how it can be applied to real-world R&D projects as we described in the PJ Futurelab paper Integrating scientific considerations into R&D project valuation by De Visser et al., Nature Biotechnology, Jan. 2020, p.14-18.

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Market Approval course, starting date: 6 maart 2023

Obtaining market approval is an important step in the development of a new biomedical product. In this course you’ll learn how to find and interpret the relevant regulatory guidelines that will steer you through the development process. Real-world case studies, including the development of a gene therapy product and a fictitious mRNA-based vaccine, are presented to familiarize you with issues that can arise during development, as well as how to assess an Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier (IMPD).

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Scholarships available

For the first three course described above a limited number of scholarships are available for post-graduate biomedical professionals currently working at a university, university medical center, research center, or hospital in the Netherlands. These scholarships provide a 50% discount off the course fee. For more information, and to apply for a scholarship.

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