The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School supports your PhD journey. While traveling with you we discovered that our roadside assistance is mostly needed when you experience personal and mental health problems (see our latest factsheet, the PNN survey, and a recent Nature paper). To prepare you for the wonderful and challenging journey of your PhD, we have designed the course ‘Be Yourself’. This course can be seen as a travel kit to help you build awareness, resilience, and compassion to face the challenges of your PhD (and life). Register for the pilot of this course and gain important life skills while helping us evaluate and improve ‘Be Yourself’.

Find more information about the course and how to apply here.

‘Be Yourself’ is the first launched course of the ‘PhD Be Your Best Journey’, a series of ‘travel kits’ created by the Doctoral School that help you develop essential soft skills for your PhD, future career, and life. Later this year a second course will be launched called ‘Bespeak Yourself’, a travel kit containing tools to convey your ideas with conviction, to set your boundaries, and to communicate non-violently when dealing with conflict.