The Doctoral School feels co-responsible for the well-being of our Amsterdam UMC PhD candidates. The large number of coaching and advice conversations we conduct each year provides a lot of information about how the PhD candidates are doing. In order to contribute to a pleasant and safe working environment, we don't only want to listen and advise but also actively do something with all the information we receive. For this reason, we drafted a reporting and signaling plan to enable us to signal recurring problems with departments and/or supervisors. The reporting and signaling is based on the frequency that a department and/or supervisor is mentioned during the conversations held between our PhD advisors and PhD candidates. It is important to note that this process focuses on conversation themes, departments and supervisors. The case content and the names of the PhD candidates remain confidential. The approach of the Doctoral School is not to address people or departments about doing something wrong. Instead, we want to offer support and act as a sounding board when things are not going well. The conversations with supervisors or departments are aimed at brainstorming on how to improve and move forward. More information can be found in the Summary Reporting & Signaling.