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To check the authenticity of your documents, you must make the exemption request in person at the Office of Doctorate Affairs, E2-176. Please check the opening hours before your visit or contact the Office of Doctorate Affairs via email , in case you cannot present the documents in person.

Necessary documents:

  • Completed and signed Request for exemption from the legal education requirements’ form (English/Dutch)
  • Valid, original ID. For example, a passport
    Driving licences and copies are not accepted. The ID must state your full name and date and place of birth. If the place of birth is not stated, a birth certificate is also required
  • Original or certified true copies of all academic degrees**
    Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificates. All certificates must be accompanied by original or certified true copies of course transcripts*
  • Official translations of all documents
    If the above documents are in a language other than Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, an official translation is also required
  • Curriculum vitae


*Degree certificates
Legal document verifying that you have successfully completed a course of study at a university. An academic transcript is an official university document listing all modules completed and marks awarded

**Certified true copies
Printed versions or copies of the original documents that are sealed, stamped and signed by the authorizing registrar or by a notary to certify that the printed versions or copies are true

  • The Office of Doctorate Affairs also accepts official eTranscripts, which are certified PDFs with an electronic signature from the authorizing registrar
  • Not accepted are regular photocopies or scans of originals or certified true copies


  • Form: Request for exemption from the legal education requirements - English
  • Form: Request for exemption from the legal education requirements - Dutch
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