Amsterdam UMC aims to stimulate talented researchers at all stages of their scientific careers by various means.

PhD candidates

The doctorate (PhD) degree is the highest academic degree awarded in the Netherlands. A PhD project entails three to four years of scientific research and study under supervision of at least one full professor, culminating in writing a thesis and passing a public defense.

At Amsterdam UMC, PhD candidates obtain a doctorate in the Faculty of Medicine of either the University of Amsterdam (UvA) or the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). In principle, the doctorate will be acquired at the university to which the supervisor is affiliated. The practical details of the PhD process in UvA and VU are slightly different.

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Amsterdam UMC Fellowship

The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship aims to attract extremely talented researchers, who have the potential to build, expand and maintain their own successful research group. The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship is awarded once a year, and will be announced on the Amsterdam UMC vacancy site.

The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship is an awarded tenure track, based on the criteria of what is formerly known as the AMC Tenure Track.

The fellowship awards a maximum of €750,000 for the full term of five years (or less for a shorter period, on a pro rata basis), covering the salary of the fellow, the salary of a PhD-student and/or their bench fees.

The selection procedure will only take place if there are sufficient qualified candidates. If the selected candidate meets the criteria, nomination can take place. The fellowship has to be accepted or declined within three months after formal approval.

Amsterdam UMC Fellowship round of 2022

The Amsterdam UMC Fellowship round of 2022 is currently open. The deadline for applications is Monday March 28th 2022 at 23.59 pm. The vacancy is published at

The Amsterdam UMC fellowship position will reopen at the beginning of February 2023.


  • Prestigious personal grant laureates at midcareer level. For example a (nearly) successful completion of a prestigious personal grant at junior postdoc level (NWO VI Veni) or an active VIDI, ERC Starting/ Consolidator grant or equivalent.
  • Alignment of their research topic with one of the eight research institutes of Amsterdam UMC (
  • Excellent publication record
  • Experience in research management
  • Demonstrable affinity with education
  • Experience abroad

The Amsterdam UMC fellowship is not open for Amsterdam UMC researchers with a permanent position.



    • Deadline application: 28-03-2022 at 23.59 PM
    • Pre-selection by Amsterdam UMC Fellowship Committee: beginning of April 2022
    • Review phase: end of April - beginning of May 2022
    • Rebuttal phase: last two weeks of May 2022
    • Selection for interviews by the Committee: beginning of June 2022
    • Invitation for the interview round: third week of June 2022
    • Interviews: beginning of July 2022

    The ‘Principal Investigator’ system

    The ‘Principal Investigator’ system stimulates excellence by putting the professional in the lead. The status ‘Principal Investigator’ challenges researchers to take up leadership, develop their own lines of research and gain visibility. Currently, there are approximately 700 Principal Investigators within Amsterdam UMC.

    Principal Investigators are appointed annually. The executive board requests all heads of departments to nominate candidates. Subsequently, based on advice from the Amsterdam Research Board concerning the nominees, the status ‘Principal Investigator’ will be granted to eligible candidates by the executive board.

    More information about how to become a Principal Investigator (internal link)