DRE is short for digital research environment. The myDRE platform is a cloud service based on Microsoft Azure and is developed and owned by the anDREa consortium.

The myDRE platform is intended for researchers who want to share data or analysis methods while keeping complete control of what happens with their data. Because myDRE is based on Microsoft Azure, it can easily be scaled to your needs for the amount of storage, memory and compute power. The myDRE environment can be used to create Windows and Linux virtual machines and also a combination of these systems within a workspace. Because the myDRE environment has limited access to the internet, it can be used for highly confidential data. myDRE makes it possible to invite users outside Amsterdam UMC which makes it a platform suitable to run projects yielding multiple partners.

The myDRE platform allows researchers to import, store, analyze, and share data of a study from various sources in a single scalable digital environment, the workspace.

With the myDRE platform users can:

  • create and scale virtual machines to fit their needs by self-service.
  • add or remove users to the workspace and have control over all transport of data out of the workspace.
  • Install additional applications such as Office, SPSS, Stata, Matlab, R, the complete C-RAN repo, Rstudio, Python, with various machine learning suites, Anaconda, Jupyter, Power BI Desktop.
  • Access the virtual machines from anywhere, including the Amsterdam UMC network such as CDW or VIEW in a secure manner. The workspace can be managed via a dedicated web portal.
  • Cooperate with other (external) parties.
  • Use Windows or Linux machines.

There is an intake procedure in place for myDRE. The intake for the myDRE environment can be requested via the Research Data Management helpdesk. During this intake alternatives for myDRE environment like the Research Zone, SURF Snellius or one of the two local HPC-clusters will also be discussed.


The costs depend on the configuration as well as the usage of your specific myDRE platform and are based on fair use: a standard workspace (0,5TB, one virtual machine, shutdown time 19.00PM) can be used free of charge. For more storage, VMs or a larger time window, the costs will be charged. A financial indication is part of the intake procedure and delivering a cost center (kostenplaats) is required. The researcher remains responsible to manage the usage and the costs involved.


To start the intake procedure for myDRE or other compute facilities, please contact the Research Data Management helpdesk. When encountering (technical) problems using the myDRE platform, contact the myDRE support via their ticket system. You can find extensive information on the myDRE support page.