Principal investigators active within ACS can apply for financial support from ACS when they organise an international conference of at least one full day in the field of cardiovascular research in Amsterdam.

A budget maximum of €1000 is available for each full day of the conference which can be spent on:

  • Communication/information: printing of abstract booklets and posters
  • Conference location: use of lecture halls, including audiovisual assistance, in Amsterdam.

Additionally, for one invited/keynote speaker, on the condition that this speaker's lecture is open for all ACS scientists, a budget of maximum €1500 can be spent on:

  • Travel expenses: train, car or air (economy class)
  • Hotel: maximum of 2 days in 3 or 4-star hotel (and can be ordered within the contract of AMC with the Fletcher Hotel)


Principal investigators active within ACS are eligible to apply. The contribution will be assigned by the directorate in an official letter at least 1 month before the start of the conference. Application is possible by sending an e-mail with the program of the conference and our application form (see Downloads). Proof of expenses should be submitted by e-mail.



  • Contribution of ACS should be acknowledged on the website, if applicable, and in the program of the conference.
  • If additional support for the invited/keynote speaker is requested, this speaker's lecture will be open for all ACS scientists.