The AGEM research board consists of two AGEM directors, seven members (at least one representative from each of the four AGEM research programs) and the AGEM policy officer. The research board meets approximately once per two months and discusses the AGEM policy.

Research board 2020

Picture of Gerd Bouma

Gerd Bouma
AGEM director / AGEM PI

Picture of Stan van de Graaf

Stan van de Graaf
AGEM director / AGEM PI

Picture of Anje te Velde

Anje te Velde

Picture of Annemieke Heijboer

Annemieke Heijboer

Picture of Marc Besselink

Marc Besselink

Picture of Annet Bosch

Annet Bosch

Picture of Richard IJzerman

Richard IJzerman
AGEM research board member

Picture of Hilde Herrema

Hilde Herrema
AGEM research board member

Picture Hans Waterham

Hans Waterham
AGEM research board member

Picture of Eva Dirkx

Eva Dirkx
AGEM policy officer

Picture of LInda van den Noord

Linda van den Noord
AGEM secretary

Research board 2020

AGEM research board 2020 in ZOOM meeting

Hilde Herrema, Eva Dirkx, Anje te Velde, Gerd Bouma, Stan van de Graaf, Annemieke Heijboer, Linda van den Noord, Annet Bosch and Hans Waterham. Not in the picture: Marc Besselink and Richard IJzerman.

Research board 2019

Picture of the AGEM research board

Annemieke Heijboer, Annet Bosch, Anje te Velde, Eva Dirkx, Riekelt Houtkooper, Marc Besselink, Stan van de Graaf, Gerd Bouma. Not in the picture: Louis Vermeulen and Max Nieuwdorp.

Research board 2018

Picture of AGEM research board 2018

Stan van de Graaf, Riekelt Houtkooper, Gerd Bouma, Louis Vermeulen, Gajja Salomons, Eva Dirkx, Anje te Velde, Max Nieuwdorp.