Anyone wishing to obtain a PhD at VUmc must provide the required information in Hora Finita. Hora Finita is the PhD tracking system at VUmc. This system is used to register, monitor and at the end finish your PhD trajectory.

The registration of new PhD trajectories for VUmc PhD candidates is initiated by the research institutes. You will be registered in Hora Finita after registration at Amsterdam institute for Infection and Immunity by using this registration form.

After we entered your basic details in Hora Finita, you are invited to enter additional information including your Training (and Supervision) Plan (TSP), which you will draw up together with your (co)promotor. VUmc PhD candidates have to obtain at least 30 EC (840 hours) for training. Without these 30 EC, the PhD candidate will not be admitted to the PhD ceremony. In the TSP you register how you plan to collect these 30 EC. For instructions: see ‘downloads’.

If you have any questions about Hora Finita or your Training Plan, please contact Yvonne Duiker:

PhD candidates of the program Cancer Immunology

Since cancer immunology is a joint program of Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) and AII, cancer immunology PhD candidates can

  • choose between the rules of CCA or AII in drawing up their training plan.
  • join the courses of the Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam (OOA) for free. The OOA is a joint graduate school of CCA and NKI-AvL.