Online visitors differ greatly in experience, pre-knowledge and the amount of time they can spend learning. Therefore, it is important that information is kept short, accessible and understandable to a broad audience.

Besides, brief messages are better remembered. To enhance accessibility to all, we need concise information from you. If you want to share your research results, please answer the questions in the form below this document.

Criteria, news items concerns:

  • Results/findings of Amsterdam institute for Infection and Immunity (AII) research as news item (scientific publications will not be published)
  • General scientific news about AII research
  • Interesting/relevant scientific information for AII researchers
  • AII research/AII researcher in the media
  • AII research/AII researcher appointments, and prizes/awards
  • AII research/AII researcher with awarded grant
  • AII events or external events interesting for AII research(ers)

Submission specifications

  • Submitted in template below (in Word document)
  • Language: US English Title: 3-10 words
  • Introduction/teaser: 20-50 words
  • Body text: 2-3 paragraphs (excluding teaser), each paragraph 50-75 words
  • If applicable: add url of website for more/background information

Criteria for content of news item (structure and notation):

  • Write based on the needs and wishes of a broad audience – not of your immediate colleagues
  • Keep it short and simple, since webpages are often read diagonally
  • Use headers to structure the content. If applicable, use links to external webpages to enable further reading
  • Each paragraph starts with the most important information, and the introduction/teaser describes the content of the overall news item