Pediatrician and researcher of AII Job Calis set up an intensive care unit for children in Malawi, Africa, three years ago. The popular science magazine of Amsterdam UMC JANUS has an article featuring Job Calis in the October issue about how, early this year, he took a clever Dutch invention to the African children's hospital.

It is a medical monitor, named IMPALA, in the form of a mat with all sorts of sensors - children in intensive care lie on it. care. The device is equipped with artificial intelligence, which predicts deterioration of the patient, so that nurses can respond in time. In mass production it will cost at most at most a few hundred euros. The smart patient monitor receives a subsidy from the European EDCTP fund.

"Within fifteen minutes, the device analyses whether the child has a viral or bacterial infection. infection. Parasites are also recognised. That way you can antibiotics in time. A big step in a country country where healthcare hardly has any laboratories laboratories." So says Calis in JANUS. Read the whole article here.