The topics range from research into small proteins for cancer vaccines to additives for combating water pollution with pesticides. With a KIEM grant of € 20,000- € 50,000, researchers can set up a partnership between knowledge institutions and private parties.

The projects contribute to the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda 2018-2019 of the top sectors Agri & Food, Chemistry, Energy, HTSM or ICT.

Research topic of dr. Joke den Haan: Nanobodies to make cancer vaccines. The immune system can attack cancer cells if it is activated properly. Antigen presenting cells absorb vaccines and stimulate immune cells. We want to make nanobodies, small proteins, that can bind very specifically and strongly to antigen-presenting cells of the immune system. We can then incorporate these nanobodies into new nanovaccines for cancer. With the help of the nanobodies, the vaccines are much better absorbed by the antigen-presenting cells, so that a strong immune response against cancer can be generate