Lyme Disease, about ticks, tick bites and tick-bite diseases The Biosciences and Society Foundation has published the book 'Lyme Disease, about ticks, tick bites and tick-bite diseases' in collaboration with Lias publishers. Up to date knowledge In the book Lyme Disease the most current knowledge about the disease is collected.

Not only the medical aspects of the disease are discussed, but also the biological and ecological aspects of the tick and its hosts. Questions and answers The most common questions are answered, such as: how great is the risk of infection after a tick bite, what risks do you run without treatment, can you have had a tick bite without noticing it, how often does an infection turn into a chronic illness and what are the guidelines - and customised measures - in the treatment.

About the authors and editors

This book was compiled by Prof. Dr. Joppe Hovius (Amsterdam UMC), Dr. Kees van den Wijngaard (RIVM), Dr. Jannes van Everdingen (Bioscience and Society Foundation) and Prof. Dr. Jos van den Broek (Bioscience and Society Foundation). The authors are scientists and specialists from Amsterdam UMC, Gassner Biological Risk Advice, Gelre Ziekenhuis Apeldoorn, Harvard University, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, Radboudumc, RIVM Centre for Infectious Disease Control, Streeklab Haarlem, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, University of Antwerp and Wageningen University & Research.


The book can be ordered for € 12.50 from the webshop of the Bioscience and Society Foundation.