AII and CCA has setting up a mentoring program to couple reseachers from all levels with more senior people. The ultimate goal of this program is to make sure everybody gets most out of their academic carreers.

Fill in this small form if you want to get a mentor (and be a mentor yourself). We will provide some guidance, but it is up to the mentee/mentor couple to fill in their interactions fort heir own benefit. Topics that could be discussed include:

-          How can I improve my CV?

-          How can I be more successful when applying for a grant?

-          What should I do to become “independent” as a postdoc?

-          Which steps should I take to make that next step in academia?

-          What does it take to get a Spinoza prize?

More info:

NC State University faculty and graduate students define mentoring and explain on YouTube why mentoring matters: What is mentoring and why does it matter?

An interesting initiative from Nature — Why science needs strong mentors — a podcast about mentoring that might inspire our community