There are several expertise centers affiliated with Amsterdam Neuroscience. Patients suffering from a specific neurological disease or disorder are welcome at these expertise centers for diagnostic needs, multispecialist and multidisciplinary care, paramedical support and treatment. At these centers of expertise medical doctors and researchers join forces on specific disease indications.

Alzheimer Center Amsterdam

The Alzheimer Center Amsterdam is the diagnosis and treatment center for dementia, with a focus on dementia at a young age. Their mission is to make dementia negotiable, treatable and ultimately cure it. There are more than 100 employees working at the Alzheimer Center. Every year, they treat thousands of patients from all over the country. In addition to caring for patients, a large part of our employees is engaged in research projects.

Watch the video below (in Dutch) to get an impression of the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam.

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Visit the Alzheimer Center Amsterdam website(in Dutch).

MS Center Amsterdam

The MS Center Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary center in which more than 60 researchers of different disciplines cooperate in answering questions regarding the cause and cure of MS. The research of the MS Center Amsterdam is aimed at early detection and targeted treatment of MS. Their key theme, 'Facing MS progression' aims to generate knowledge on the underlying mechanisms of progression of MS and to identify and validate of clinical, radiological and biomarker predictors of MS disease progression. The center has an excellent international reputation and is one of the top five MS research centers in the world.

Visit the MS Center Amsterdam website (in Dutch).