In order to have a true impact on the daily practice of extramural and transmural healthcare APH has established over the years a number of so-called Academic Collaborative Centers (‘Academische Werkplaatsen’). Regional partners are brought together in the Academic Collaborative Centers, in which collaboration between research, education and practice is formalized on the long-term.
Academic Collaborative Center Dutch name Aim Partner(s)
Child and Youth Health Care Academische Werkplaats Jeugd en Gezondheid Improve knowledge transfer between health policy, research and education in child and youth health care. Providing scientific evidence for child health care practice and innovation. Municipal Health Services of Amsterdam (GGD), Hollands-Noorden, Zaanstreek-Waterland, Gooi & Vechtstreek and the Child Health Care organization Kennemerland
Healthcare Inspection Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd Build a scientific evidence-base for health care inspection activities and to provide insight in the process and effects of inspection activities on health care. IGJ, NIVEL, IQ Healthcare, ESPHN
Knowledge Center for Insurance Medicine Academische Werkplaats Arbeid en Gezondheid: Kenniscentrum Verzekeringsgeneeskunde (KCVG) Improve the quality of work disability assessments and developing and evaluating new return-to-work strategies and tools. National Institute for Employee Benefits (UWV), AMC, UMCG
Occupational and Environmental Health Service: VU-AMD, Tata Steel, ArboUnie, ArboNed, KLM Academische Werkplaats Arbeid en Gezondheid: Arbeids- en Bedrijfsgeneeskunde Prevention of work-related complaints and disease, and effective return-to work intervention for those off work because of sickness. Improving work conditions, lifestyle and workers health. VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc, department for Occupational Health and Safety (AMD), Tata Steel, ArboUnie, ArboNed, KLM
Transmural occupational medicine Academische Werkplaats Arbeid en Gezondheid: Transmurale arbeidsgeneeskunde Transmural occupational medicine care is innovative multidisciplinary care at the intersection of social medicine and curative care by a team that includes (at least) a medical specialist, a clinical occupational physician and a nurse/paramedic. Orthopedie, Dermatologie, Psychiatrie/ GGZ BuitenAmstel, Gynaecologie & Verloskunde en KNO/Audiologie
Network of Academic General Practices Academisch Netwerk Huisartsgeneeskunde Integrate scientific research, medical education, vocational training and innovation in general-practice care. General Practice collaboration (Huisartsencoöperatie) Groot Zuid Amsterdam, Amsterdam Health Centers (Stichting Amsterdamse Gezondheidscentra, SAG), HOED Leonard Springer Haarlem
University Network of Organizations for Elderly care (UNO) Universitair Netwerk Ouderenzorg Build a bridge between research and practice in long-term elderly care, especially in nursing homes. Amaris Zorggroep, Amstelring, Argos Zorggroep, Beweging 3.0, Careyn, Cordaan, Evean, Hilverzorg, Quarijn, Sint Jacob, Viva Zorggroep, Vivium, Warande, Zonnehuisgroep Amstelveen, Zorgbalans, Zorggroep Noorderbreedte, Zorggroep Solis, Zorggroep IJssel-Vecht, Zorggroep Apeldoorn, Zorgspectrum
Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Bipolar disorders, Old Age Psychiatry, Soma & Psyche Angststoornissen, Depressie, Bipolaire stoornissen, Ouderenpsychiatrie, Soma & Psyche Establish the biological basis of anxiety and compulsion disorders, unipolar and bipolar depression, and their comorbidity with somatic disorders to develop innovative interventions for patients treated for these disorders. Amsterdam UMC, location VUmc department Psychiatry, Policlinic Anxiety and Compulsive disorders (poli Angst- en dwangstoornissen), Policlinic Bipolar Disorders (Poli bipolaire stoornissen Altrecht, Dimence), GGZ in Geest, Policlinic Soma & Psyche (poli onverklaarbare klachten)
Care for the Intellectually Disabled Academische Werkplaats 's Heeren Loo - VU Develop academic research on developmental pathways, personalized treatment and quality of care for people with intellectual disabilities in the Institution. ‘s Heerenloo Institute, VU Amsterdam
Psychological Complaints GGZ in Geest-Prezens Provide evidence-based advice and support in case of sadness, anxiety, stress and other psychological symptoms. GGZ in Geest-Prezens
Work, Participation & Income Academische Werkplaats Gemeente Amsterdam, afdeling werk, participatie en inkomen Increase participation of people with occupational disabilities. Municipal professionals and researchers collaborate intensively in the development and implementation of cost-effective interventions with great relevance to the municipal practice. Municipal Government of Amsterdam
Sarphati Amsterdam Sarphati initiatief Develop effective and sustainable prevention of welfare diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. Promote a healthy lifestyle and optimal living conditions to prevent (serious) obesity among the Amsterdam youth. The municipality of Amsterdam, Public Health Service of Amsterdam (GGD), University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam UMC, VU Amsterdam and HvA
Urban Vitality Kenniscentrum Urban Vitality Improvement of health of the citizens of Amsterdam. Helping citizens to become vital and healthy or to remain in the suburbs, on schools and at sports clubs. Amsterdam UMC, TNO, zorgcentra, sportinstellingen, migranten vertegenwoordigers, patienten- en beroepsverenigingen
Ben Sajet center Ben Sajet Centrum The goal of the Ben Sajet Centre is to develop new care practice through which the quality of life of people who have to rely on long-term care improves on a structural basis. Amsterdam UMC, University of Amsterdam, HvA, VU Amsterdam, InHolland, ROC van Amsterdam, Cordaan, Ons Tweede Thuis, Amsta, Stichting Actief Burgerschap, Amsterdam Health and Technology Institute, Gemeente Amsterdam
Amsterdam Health Education and Discovery (AHEAD) Amsterdam Health Education and Discovery AHEAD aims at renewing futureproof healthcare education. Apart from use of knowledge and experience, testing grounds are also necessary to initiate and perform experiments in healthcare education. Amsterdam UMC, SIGRA, HvA