Each year, Cancer Center Amsterdam offers several funding possibilities to stimulate innovative cancer research. There is an annual Cancer Center Amsterdam Call for proposals, supported by financing from the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation. There are also possibilities to apply for travel grants or make a proposition for a visiting professorship and CCA also contributes to printing of PhD theses.

In addition, we have annual awards for the best publication, the best thesis and a clinical impact award. The award ceremony takes place during the yearly Cancer Center Amsterdam retreat.

Financial subsidy for these publication

Starting in April 2021, Cancer Center Amsterdam will contribute €250 towards the printing costs of theses for Cancer Center Amsterdam candidates.

Eligibility requirements

The following conditions are required: 

  • the PhD candidate must be registered with the institute (in Hora Finita for VUmc PhD-students), receives mails and newsletters, either from the beginning of the project, or as of the start of the institute;
  • the PhD candidate participated in at least one Cancer Center Amsterdam retreat;
  • the majority of the publications of the PhD thesis appearing after 1-1-2019 name Cancer Center Amsterdam as affiliation (see Research information for correct affiliation for publications and theses);
  • the PhD candidate must inform the institute of the title, time, date and place of the thesis defense as soon as a date has been set, including the names of the (co)promotors;
  • the application for printing costs must be sent in and approved before the thesis has been printed, since the text below has to be printed in the thesis.
  • the declaration of the actual costs must be done within 3 months after the printing costs are made.


The PhD candidate should send the application form to cca@amsterdamumc.nl

Application form:

Incomplete applications and declarations submitted later than 3 months after the printing costs are made will not be taken into consideration.


If your application is approved the following text must be printed in the thesis:

“Financial support for printing of this thesis was kindly provided and supported by Cancer Center Amsterdam”.


Declaration of the actual costs must be done within 3 months after the printing costs are made. Proof of payment of the printing costs and the Cancer Center Amsterdam mail stating your application has been approved must be included in the declaration. You will receive the declaration instructions once your application has been approved.

Cancer Center Amsterdam Call 2021

Internal CCA grants are made ​​possible through the fundraising activities of the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation. Amsterdam UMC researchers are invited to submit project proposals involving cancer research, including translational, clinical and quality of life projects.


Internal CCA grants aim to fund innovative projects with a high potential that are not ready to submit for funding elsewhere. The ultimate goal to allow aspiring researchers’ promising lines of research a chance to obtain enough data so that a robust proposal can be submitted to external funding agencies, like the Dutch Cancer Society or the Dutch Research Council. Therefore, if substantial preliminary data is already available, your chances to receive internal CCA funding will be limited and we recommend that you submit your project elsewhere.


Closed for submission. Next call is expected Spring 2022.

Documents for this call:

Travel grants


The Cancer Center Amsterdam awards travel grants to provide PhD students and postdoctoral researchers the opportunity to travel and receive training in novel methods and/or techniques abroad. Both the recipients and CCA should benefit from these work visits. For the PhD student or postdoc, the new methods should support their research, and the experience abroad will improve their CV and help with future grant applications. The benefits for CCA include expansion of international networking and the accrual of novel technologies.


Closed for application. We expect a new call for travel grant applications as soon as the COVID-19 situation permits. As soon as the call opens, all information and the application form will be published here.

Publication, thesis and clinical impact award

Each year, the Cancer Center Amsterdam gives awards for the best preclinical publication, the best clinical publication, the best preclinical thesis, and the best clinical thesis. In addition, a clinical impact award is bestowed on (research) projects/products that have resulted in a proven clinical impact in the field of oncology. The award ceremony is held at the annual Cancer Center Amsterdam retreat in February/March. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the location/nature of the award presentation in 2022 has yet to be decided.


Voting is currently closed.