The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding) has announced on December 21st that it will invest € 27 million in 45 studies that will start in 2022 aimed at cancer treatment and prevention. More than € 8.6 million of this will go to 15 research projects at Cancer Center Amsterdam.
Healthcare is cracking at the seams under the enormous pressure of the corona crisis. Cancer patients are also affected by this. That is why we think it is very important to show that we continue to support cancer research, because our biggest concern is the cancer care of tomorrow.” Johan van de Gronden, Director KWF.

Funded Cancer Center Amsterdam Research Projects

Dr. Suzanne Gisbertz: Development of an assessment tool to ensure surgical quality in quality records and observational studies with esophagectomy as a case study (€ 354,415.00). Research team: Prof. Mark van Berge Henegouwen and Prof. Ivana Išgum.

Dr. Marcel Spaargaren: Identification of new therapeutic targets and pharmacological inhibitors that result in a better treatment for multiple myeloma patients (€ 696,062.50). Research team: Prof. Eric Eldering, Dr. Jeroen Guikema, Dr. Richard Groen, and Prof. Steven Pals.

Dr. Marij Hillen: The paradox of choice: reducing the burden of shared decision making for cancer patients (€ 548,507.00). Research team: Dr. Inge Henselmans.

Dr. Dirkje Sommeijer: Improving treatment and outcomes of small bowel adenocarcinoma patients using clinical and molecular data: a nationwide prospective cohort study
(€ 784,644.50). Research team: Prof. Louis Vermeulen and Prof. Ignace de Hingh*.

Prof. Marc Besselink: National implementation program for optimal multidisciplinary treatment and resection of locally advanced pancreatic cancer (PREOPANC-4) (€ 540,747.02). Research team: Prof. Johanna Wilmink, Prof. Casper van Eijck*, Dr. Hjalmar van Santvoort*, and Dr. Judith Rietjens*.

Dr. Rieneke van de Ven: Characterization of tumor-infiltrating B cells in oral cavity tumors
(€ 779,054.84). Research team: Prof. Ruud Brakenhoff and Prof. René Leemans.

Dr. Marieke Fransen: Arming local lymphoid tissues to increase the efficacy of immunotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer (€ 765,118.00). Research team: Prof. Tanja de Gruijl, Dr. Idris Bahce, and Dr. Febe van Maldegem.

Dr. Yongsoo Kim: A comprehensive multi-part characterization of intratumoral heterogeneity in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (€ 605.463.16). Research team: Dr. Arantza Fariña Sarasqueta, Dr. Frederike Dijk, Prof. Hanneke van Laarhoven, Dr. Juan Garcia Vallejo, and Prof. Mark van de Wiel.

Dr. Joke den Haan: Development of a liposomal vaccine that leads to optimal activation of liver killer T cells and elimination of liver cancer (€ 752,391.03). Research team: Dr. Sonja Buschow*, Dr. Jaap Kwekkeboom*, Dr. Klaas van Gisbergen, Prof. Hans van der Vliet, Prof. Tanja de Gruijl, and Prof. Yvette van Kooyk.

Dr. Richard Groen: The role of the bone matrix proteins in the recovery of multiple myeloma induced bone breakdown (€ 648,845.00). Research team: Dr. Maria Themeli.

Prof. Geert Kazemier: Improving tumor response evaluation in colorectal cancer patients with liver metastases using artificial intelligence (€ 681,868.80). Research team: Prof. Jaap Stoker, Prof. Cornelis Punt, and Dr. Rutger-Jan Swijnenburg.

Young Investigator Grants

Dr. Joep Grootjans: Characterization of the human peritoneal immune system to develop new immunomodulatory therapy for peritoneally metastatic colorectal cancer (€ 584,924.90). Research team: Prof. Louis Vermeulen, Dr. Juan J. Garcia Vallejo, and Dr. Jurriaan Tuynman.

Dr. Oliver Gurney-Champion: Development of MRI techniques to support personalized treatments for esophageal cancer (€ 598,364.75). Research team: Prof. Hanneke van Laarhoven.

Unique High-Risk Projects

Dr Alan Gerber: Finding the Key to Inactivating Oncogenic RAS Mutants (€ 156,102.50). Research team: Prof. Tom Grossmann*, Prof. Thomas Wurdinger, Dr. Rob Wolthuis, and Dr. Sven Hennig*.

Prof. Taco de Vries: Forget smoking: erasing smoke memory in the fight against cancer
(€ 156,264,00). Research team: Dr. Anne Marije Kaag, Prof. Ysbrand van der Werf, Dr. Hein van Marle, and Prof. Odile van den Heuvel.

About KWF: The Dutch Cancer Society is committed to fight cancer by scientific research, education, patient support and fundraising in cooperation with volunteers, donors, patients, doctors and researchers. KWF aims to achieve less cancer, more cures and a higher quality of life for cancer patients.

Stay tuned for more detailed project descriptions in 2022.

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