Contemporary healthcare, including oncological care, typically involves teams of specialists for each patient. Communications between healthcare professionals from different disciplines and different hospitals requires a structured approach and a clearly delineated digital data exchange. These multidisciplinary discussions, known as MDOs (Multi Disciplinair Overleg), are now supported by the newly developed “MDO compass”.

Stemming from the TeAMZ program, an in-house training program for healthcare professionals, MDO compass is a platform containing information and support to optimize your MDOs, meetings where healthcare professionals from different disciplines and different hospitals discuss their patients together at the same time.

The compass includes several forms of support:

  1. A Quick Scan. The QuickScan is an evidence-based inventory list of quality indicators. With the questionnaire, you inventory per MDO what is going well going and what could be done better. Based on the input, a tailor-made optimization plan - 'the course to be sailed' – is drawn up.
  2. A tool kit. The toolkit includes handy checklists, tips & tricks, and training to help you more efficiently navigate organizing, optimizing, and digitizing your meetings.

Up to date
The MDO compass has been developed and designed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, including experts in the field of interprofessional collaboration, behavioral sciences, sociology, and psychology. To ensure that it MDO compass remains up-to-date, it is periodically calibrated by a team of professionals versed on the most recent literature and scientific studies in practice.

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