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A research project demands not only preparation and your own time, but also a commitment from (the colleagues in) your own department and possibly other departments too. Does everyone have the required staff, time, abilities and training/education?

Sometimes it’s necessary to conduct your research in more than one center. An important point to consider is how many sites are needed to reach the target number of subjects to be included in the scheduled time? Potential centers/investigators are contacted through exploratory conversations. As an initiating investigator, it is important to have a clear idea of what information is required from each center.

Possible information may include:

  • The number of patients that may be included (note that this number is often estimated too positively!)
  • Available manpower
  • Presence of equipment and/or facilities

The purpose of the exploratory conversations is to gather information on whether a participating center would be able and willing to participate successfully. If the center is willing to participate it’s important to find out who will be the contact person who knows the local procedures for further communication and to avoid delays or lack of responses.


  • Review and confirm all sponsor requirements related to identification and availability of facilities and resources prior to submitting the final application.
  • Specialized training or approvals may be required to use certain facilities or resources. Identify policies, procedures, training or access requirements. Ensure proposed personnel are eligible and qualified for needed approvals.
  • If your research will require the space or expertise of another researcher, be sure to have their support in writing to include in your proposal documentation. Sponsors may have specific requirements for documenting expertise and commitment.
  • Identify these requirements in an early stage to prevent delays later in the process

Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for identifying and securing facilities and resources needed to conduct their research programs and projects. The sponsor's role is expanded when conducting multicenter research. The sponsor remains ultimately responsible for the execution of the research.

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