Amsterdam UMC aims to stimulate talented researchers at all stages of their scientific careers by various means.

PhD candidates

The doctorate (PhD) degree is the highest academic degree awarded in the Netherlands. A PhD project entails three to four years of scientific research and study under supervision of at least one full professor, culminating in writing a thesis and passing a public defense.

At Amsterdam UMC, PhD candidates obtain a doctorate in the Faculty of Medicine of either the University of Amsterdam (UvA) or the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU). In principle, the doctorate will be acquired at the university to which the supervisor is affiliated. The practical details of the PhD process in UvA and VU are slightly different.

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The ‘Principal Investigator’ system

The ‘Principal Investigator’ system stimulates excellence by putting the professional in the lead. The status ‘Principal Investigator’ challenges researchers to take up leadership, develop their own lines of research and gain visibility. Currently, there are approximately 600 Principal Investigators within Amsterdam UMC.

Principal Investigators are appointed annually. The executive board requests all heads of departments to nominate candidates. Subsequently, based on advice from the Amsterdam Research Board concerning the nominees, the status ‘Principal Investigator’ will be granted to eligible candidates by the executive board.

More information about how to become a Principal Investigator (internal link)