Jettie Bont was appointed Professor of Family Medicine, at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) on October 20, 2020. In addition, on November 1, she was appointed department head of Family Medicine Amsterdam UMC, a position she had held ad interim since June 1.

"As a professor, I combine all academic tasks: care, research and education," says Bont. "There is not one task that I focus on specifically. I occupy myself intensively with all three. I also manage almost three hundred people in the Department of General Medicine. Busy, certainly! But it's the versatility that appeals to me."


As a researcher, Bont focuses on a number of themes, but most of her time is spent auditing and providing feedback to GPs. Simply put: she studies how the quality of GP care can improve by holding up a mirror to GPs. "So that they learn to look critically at themselves and are stimulated to improve." Then you start talking to each other about the quality of the care you provide. If something needs to be adjusted, you make a plan of action together. These kinds of discussions can be very instructive. Some groups do well, others don't. I want to know what the difference is. I want to know what that depends on. The safety of the group, for example, is a determining factor. Or the quality of the data you use. Sometimes the data is outdated or polluted with irrelevant data. Then sensible mirroring is not even possible."

Department head

Bont: "As head of the department, my most important task is to steer the merger of the VUmc and AMC family medicine courses in the right direction. That is sometimes difficult, because both locations have their own customs and culture. I think it's a great way to bring the best of both worlds together. In addition, we would like to retain the personal and small scale, despite the fact that we have become so big." In addition, Bont wants to strengthen the academic GP network. "That network exists at both locations (is internal jargon on both sides of the Amstel, doesn't understand external). These GPs participate in quality projects, they provide data for research and are involved in training and education. By merging the department we can further improve the collaboration with GPs in the region and make an optimal contribution to care and research that will benefit the region. This is also one of the ambitions of the NFU (full add?) that we as GPs are happy to contribute to."


Bont began her training as a family physician at the AMC and completed it in Utrecht. There she combined her training with a PhD research on lower respiratory tract infections in the elderly. During that period, Bont also did a lot of administrative work. She dedicated herself to the LOVAH (National Organization of Aspirant Family Doctors) and until 2013 she was a board member of the LHV (National Association of Family Doctors). In Hilversum, Bont opened her own general practice where she worked until 2015. She then became the department head of the GP training program at the AMC and again later interim head of the merged department of General Practice at Amsterdam UMC. Bont works one day a week as a general practitioner in a practice in Amsterdam Oost. This is a very conscious choice, "because I always want to stay close to the profession."