15.00 Welcome and introduction Erwin van Wegen, VUmc, and Thomas Janssen, Reade/VU (chairs)

15.03 The effect of stance-control knee-ankle-foot-orthoses on walking speed, energy expenditure and satisfaction with walking in polio survivors Bart Raijmakers, AMC

15.16 Caregiver Mediated Exercises after stroke Judith Vloothuis, Reade/VUmc

15.29 The effectiveness of at-home foot temperature monitoring in reducing the incidence of ulcer recurrence in people with diabetes: a multicenter randomized controlled trial, Sicco Bus, AMC

15.42 Variations in motor control between different gait patterns in children with cerebral palsy Marije Goudriaan, VUmc/VU

15.55 Update AMS program Rehabilitation & Development AMS program chair

16.02 Feasibility and effectiveness of gait training assisted by multi-channel functional electrical stimulation in early stroke rehabilitation: a randomized controlled trial Maijke van Bloemendaal, Merem/AMC

16.15 Intrathecal baclofen treatment in children with neurological disorders Laura Bonouvrié, VUmc

16.28 The relationship between the physical strain of walking and daily activity time in individuals with neuromuscular diseases Sander Oorschot, AMC

16.41 The relationship between relative aerobic load, energy cost and walking speed in stroke patients Ilse Blokland, Heliomare/VU

16.54 Closing remarks, Erwin van Wegen, VUmc, and Thomas Janssen, Reade/VU

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