Onderzoeksschool Oncologie Amsterdam and Cancer Center Amsterdam together have developed, in consultation with professors Chris Polman en Hans Romijn, an uniform Amsterdam UMC-wide Training Plan for PhD candidates working on a research project in oncology (Amsterdam UMC location AMC & VUmc and NKI-AvL).

The main goal is that they all acquire and develop the right skills that will ensure a successful career, either within or outside academia. This Training Plan will be mandatory for all CCA PhD candidates starting their doctoral research as of 01/01/2021.
All information about completing and submitting the Training Plan for AMC PhD candidates can be found at www.ooa-graduateschool.org/amc-training-plan and for VUmc PhD candidates at www.ooa-graduateschool.org/vumc-training-plan.
PhD candidates who started their PhD training before 01/01/2021 have to adhere to the Cancer Center Amsterdam regulations as implemented in 2015. All relevant information will remain available at Kwaliteitsnet.