Translating the insights we gain from our cancer research into real-world applications is one of our key focus areas. Translation and valorization of these insights can make a difference and increase the possibilities for patients and professionals.

Often, external partners are required to validate and scale up the impact of our insights - partners like pharmaceutical companies or manufacturers of diagnostic products. But how do you, the researcher, connect to them? How do you negotiate collaborations? And what should you know about legal conditions?

The IXA Alliance Office within Cancer Center Amsterdam was founded in 2019 to help CCA professionals answer these exact questions. The office currently consists of dedicated business development managers, supported by legal counsel and project management. Further guidance is provided by the program managers and board of Cancer Center Amsterdam. Below are some useful tips and links to get you started.

Simple tips for professionals who work at Cancer Center Amsterdam.

  1. If you are a researcher, update your profile in PURE.This will only take a few minutes but will have a great effect on your visibility for external partners, thus increasing your collaboration opportunities
  2. Add Amsterdam UMC to your LinkedIn profile and mention Cancer Center Amsterdam and the subject of your research in your information to make sure your profile is complete.
  3. Follow a course to feel more confident on how to set up a successful collaboration Develop your skills - Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (
  4. Connect to the business developer of Cancer Center Amsterdam Marianka van der Tol in case you would simply like to pitch your idea.
  5. Make a short summary of your project or your idea using non-technical language. This will be super useful for first introductions with potential partners or others in your network. Do not forget to include some reasons why you (and Cancer Center Amsterdam) are perfectly suited to take this on.
  6. Visit the Cancer Center Amsterdam page on partnering and the IXA website pages for researchers for more useful tips.