Lia van Zuylen


Palliative Care

Supportive Care

Advance Care Planning

Physiology of dying

Focus of research

The main focus of my research was on the improvement of end-of-life care. A standard format for care in the dying phase developed in the UK was demonstrated to be effective and was implemented in the Netherlands in all care settings. The format could also be used for uniform recording of the care given and was helpful to study the effect of different interventions in the dying phase. The latest study using the format was a double blind placebo controlled study on the prevention of death rattle by an anticholinergicum. Future research will focus on finding more evidence for treatment of symptoms in the palliative phase, such as delirium. Implementation of advance care planning in oncology practice will also be subject of the research. Ultimate translational research is planned on getting better notice of the start of the dying phase.