The Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support staff offers tailor-made services to researchers on both locations in Amsterdam UMC. The team is the merging of the Research Office (AMC location) and the Grants Desk (VUmc location).


The team offers support to secure the acquisition of national and European research grants fostering successful and excellent scientific research in Amsterdam UMC. Targeted grants support services are catered to the specific needs of Amsterdam UMC applicants applying to e.g. EU funding programmes, prestigious national consortium grants and the NWO Talent Programme as well as other prestigious ‘talent’ grants.

Changes in the research funding landscape and new opportunities based on national and international developments, are regularly evaluated for the creation of new service streams, such as for example the recent COVID-19 emergency wave. The team delivers a range of support from pre- to post-acquisition. 

Diversity and inclusion

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Awarded grants

See for an overview of Amsterdam UMC's awarded grants

Service overview

Are you looking for consortium grants or are you preparing an application for a fellowship? We invite you to get in touch with us to benefit from a range of expertise and tools to help you with your grant application.

Consortium grants

One of the major focus points of the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support is to provide assistance on multi-partner, multidisciplinary research applications, especially those within the next EU’s Research and Innovation programme Horizon Europe, but also large national grants such as:

Support by Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support includes:

  • feasibility & risk assessment of the fit of your project idea in the call text;
  • possible links with consortia and networking;
  • stakeholder analysis;
  • strategic advice;
  • possible internal pre-acquisition project management to be discussed;
  • and reviews and templates for the proposal development.

Investment grants

The Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support provides support and advice on investment grants, such as NWO Investment Large.

Personal grants

Part of the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support consists of providing assistance to researchers taking part in:

  • NWO’s Talent Scheme  (i.e. Veni, Vidi, Vici)
  • ERC grants (i.e. ERC Starting, Consolidator, and Advanced grants) via support groups (see ‘Support groups’).

Moreover, support is provided to applicants for the

A guidance programme is available for researchers in this category, generally consisting of:

  • information meetings;
  • workshops on writing a research proposal;
  • advisory sessions;
  • and presentation training sessions.

Support group system

The Research Grant Support Office provides assistance to researchers taking part in:

Location-specific support groups are available for researchers in this category.

The support group system consists of a ‘peer-to-peer’ support in which experienced researchers (either with the specific grant or within your research field) offering feedback and tips on the proposal. This support is on top of the regular support received from direct colleagues. Each support group is chaired by a senior researcher or a laureate and consist of members who are PIs and/or grants’ laureates.

The support groups are open to all Amsterdam UMC researchers and to all researchers from outside the university wishing to base themselves at Amsterdam UMC.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is the weekly newsletter of the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support. It is published on Thursdays and contains announcements about grant opportunities, scientific meetings and other activities related to research.

Input for Yellow Pages can be sent to the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support secretariat on Monday before 12.00h. Please also use this email address to subscribe/unsubscribe.

    Contact details

    The Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support team provides up-to-date knowledge and expertise to attract appropriate funding for Amsterdam UMC. The grant advisors support grant applications from Amsterdam UMC researchers on many national and international grant schemes and funds.

    Grant advisors

    • Isabelle Wartelle - Head of the Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support, EU Grant Advisor/EU Support Coordinator
    • Anne-Lieke van Deijk - Grant Advisor
    • Renske van Dijk - Grant Advisor
    • Simone de Jong - Grant Advisor
    • Bart Jordi - Grant Advisor
    • Ayla Kempers - Grant Advisor
    • Kimberley Kolijn – Grant Advisor, Project management
    • Brenda Olivier – Grant Advisor
    • Eugenie Quartier - Grant Advisor, EU Project management
    • Maartje de Snoo - Grant Advisor

    Policy advisors

    Guido Leerdam - EU Advisor, Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) VUmc


      Karen Bond - secretariat Amsterdam UMC Research Grant Support