Amsterdam UMC makes every attempt to comply with the AA level accessibility requirements. Meeting this standard makes our website more user friendly, for example, and more easily accessible for various target audiences, with or without an impairment. This statement applies to this website (

Measures for making our website more easily accessible

  • We have taken the following measures aimed at improving compliance with the accessibility requirements:
  • Verification
    Our employees regularly check the accessibility of our website and particular parts of it. We implement structural solutions to any areas of difficulty that we find.
  • Periodic internal checks
  • The editors check the accessibility of all content before it is published.
  • The chief editorial team carries out periodic checks on the layout of pages, texts, and the images used.

Matters on which our Communications Department keeps a lookout

  • Subtitling films so that the hard of hearing or people in a noisy environment can understand them properly;
  • Good alt text for images so that the visually impaired can interpret them using text to speech software;
  • ┬ĚChecking whether the layout is consistent throughout (the position of the address, the position of buttons), so that everyone has a clear idea of what is on each page;
  • Excluding PDF pages as much as possible, or writing out the content as a normal web page, given that downloading PDFs is very user-unfriendly, especially on mobiles;
  • Having as many headlines and lists as possible, as this makes texts easier to read and more accessible;
  • Showing numbers as digits and written in full;
  • Avoiding pop-ups or making them impossible, as this is very disruptive for mobile phone users;
  • Making links and menu items accessible using a tab button, and therefore operable by people with an arm in a sling, for example;
  • There should also be sufficient contrast between a text and its background, so that the website can be used where there is little light or backlight;
  • The text colors and background should properly complement each other.

Having problems accessing the website?

If you are having problems accessing the website, despite all the measures we have taken, please use the contact form to let us know.