ZonMw awarded a grant of €245.000 for the project conducted by Hein Daanen, which aims to minimize adverse temperature-related health effects through an integrated approach. It fits well the need for knowledge about how to tackle heat stress and goes a step further than the more general advice of heat plans. For labor situations, sports, and military operations, there is an understanding of when individuals will have problems with the heat. However, for the elderly, children, and people with underlying conditions, this topic has received little attention. It is known that high-risk groups for temperature-related mortality are particularly people with chronic conditions are and older people in which women seem to have a slightly higher risk than men, but which personal factors play a role in the increase of sensitivity to heat has not been clearly mapped. The main objective of this project is therefore to establish, based on interdisciplinary and participatory research, an action perspective that, through an integrated approach, minimizes adverse temperature-related health effects, with special attention to behavioral components and high-risk groups