The Nobel prize winning CRISPR/Cas technology for rapid gene editing and DNA detection has an expanding impact on biomedical research and clinical practice. Novel CRISPR applications are discovered at unprecedented speed. Amsterdam UMC therefore faces the challenge of identifying and implementing those CRISPR applications which are most relevant to its research programs and clinical needs

In 2017, an education platform to organize the community of CRISPR users was launched by the Cancer Center Amsterdam (see The CRISPR platform organizes the CCA CRISPR community, offers advanced user support and maintains a database of CRISPR molecular reagents and in vitro CRISPR protocols for cancer research. This initiative has kick-started the implementation of CRISPR applications across the CCA research community.

The current Amsterdam UMC CRISPR platform, starting in 2020 with additional funding by an Amsterdam UMC innovation grant, offers hands-on laboratory support in gene editing, screening and CRISPR-based diagnostics.

While still clearly focusing on the CCA, the platform, managed by former EMBO fellow dr. Rodrigo Oliveira, has started to broaden its horizon to address several needs at Amsterdam UMC related to the use of CRUSPR technology:

  1. Outreach to CRISPR users in research and the clinic, offering education, lectures, and accessible online information of new developments in CRISPR-based applications relevant for Amsterdam UMC;
  2. Coordinating access to newly emerging CRISPR reagents, protocols and cell models, including hands-on laboratory assistance with protocol design and CRISPR-based experiments, including focused CRISPR screens;
  3. Evaluation of emerging clinical applications for CRISPR-based technologies in gene therapy and genome diagnostics.

Combined, these efforts will help to keep our organization at the forefront of CRISPR developments and facilitate future clinical applications. 
Users of the CRISPR Expertise Center are researchers and clinicians that require:

  1. Efficient access to CRISPR tools and gene editing systems in relevant models not covered by current local services (AMC, VUmc)
  2. Technical assistance in planning, executing and troubleshooting of gene editing projects
  3. Increased understanding of the expanding possibilities of gene editing via seminars, a web portal and other forms of knowledge sharing
  4. A contribution to the quality of research performed at the Amsterdam UMC by sharing expertise, technology and reagents
  5. Implementation or development of novel CRISPR protocols and applications

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