The iPSC Biobank is a central storage of patient donor cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

What can we store?

Blood, skin biopsy, rest material and iPSCs with consent for iPSC research in place. For the generation of iPSC lines, we advise storage of mononuclear cells derived from peripheral blood (PBMCs) and fibroblast isolated from skin biopsies. For blood donation and PBMC isolation, donors can report to Blood Collection Desks of Clinical Chemistry Laboratories (CRL) at AMC and VUmc, afterwhich material will be directly deposited into the biobank. iPSC biobank is part of the Amsterdam UMC biobank. After iPSC generation low passage iPSC lines can be stored in the iPSC biobank.

Of note, researchers can use own storage facilities for iPSC biobanking, but have to register consent at the iPSC Biobank.

Use of patient cells for iPSC research requires approval of the METC and informed consent from donors. For direct deposition of PBMCs or rest material into the iPSC biobank, standardized patient information letters and consent forms for children, adolescents, adults and incapacipated individuals are formulated in consultation with the METC, and available upon request. New skin or other biopsies are WMO-compliant and need additional approval from METC before depositing in iPSC biobank. For iPSC biobanking both in central or own facilities, the patient consent has to be registered via


To use materials stored in the iPSC biobank for research, users need to obtain permission from the Toetsingscommissie Biobank VUmc ( To avoid distribution of unique material to other researchers, an embargo can be placed on deposited samples. Materials are processed according to standardized protocols.


The iPSC Biobank is part of the Emma Center for Personalized Medicine and the Amsterdam UMC Biobank.
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