Since the onset of the corona pandemic various COVID-19 research activities have been started within Amsterdam UMC. To enhance internal coordination between all these activities, five COVID-19 expert groups have been set up, which report to the overarching COVID-19 Task Force.

The COVID-19 Task Force is led by Mat Daemen, Vice-Dean Research and chair of the Research Board Amsterdam UMC and coordinated by Evelien de Boer, Manager of Amsterdam Public Health. The task force entails five expert groups. Both the expert groups and task force are supervised and advised on a daily basis by the executive board of the Amsterdam Research Board (dbARB).

Expert Groups:

  1. COVID-19 Biobank
  2. COVID-19 Clinical Trial Center (CCTC)
  3. COVID-19 Data & Imaging
  4. COVID-19 Market & Funding Watch
  5. COVID-19 Preclinical Research
Organogram of the COVID-19 Task Force Research

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