Access to health care vulnerable groups; cultural competence in health care; qualitative research vulnerable groups

Focus of research

Diversity responsive health care practices

Citation. Diversity responsive health care practices

An increasing number of people is on the move, and migrant health is now a key global public health issue. There is a rising concern that migrants’ health needs are not always adequately met by health care organisations. In my research program I aim to identify and overcome barriers in care access among migrants (including refugees and asylum seekers), using a multi-disciplinary lens on theory and methodology with the ultimate aim to achieve equal access to care services for equal need. To reach this aim it is essential to develop evidence-based training for (future) care providers on migrant health issues, and to improve diversity responsiveness of health care organisations. My research is embedded in an international setting and I often work with European researchers in the same field. In addition to my research program, I am a principal educator with a focus on diversity in medical education. I teach, develop, coordinate and study diversity in medical education. Recently, I received a Senior Fellowship of the Dutch Research Council, awarded to excellent teachers who propose innovation projects in higher education. I received this fellowship to advance our teaching to medical students by engaging, partnering with, and responding to the health needs of the community, especially their underserved and vulnerable population. Different participatory research methods are used to study the health needs of the community as well as to assess how medical students can respond best to the needs of the underserved.