Focus of research

As a PhD candidate, my focus is on participation of nurses in decision-making in end-of-life care. Central question in this work is 'How can nurses be empowered to take active part in decision-making about potentially life-prolonging treatments?'.

I am member of the section Quality and Organization of Care, Department of Public and Occupational Health. QOC is a multidisciplinary section that aims to improve the quality and organization of public, curative, and palliative health care for citizens, patients and health care professionals, organizations and health care systems by performing research and translating scientific knowledge into practice, policy and education.

Within this section my research falls with the research group Public Health at the End of Life and Quality and Organization of Care. 

The research group Public Health at the End of Life aims to contribute to quality of life and quality of dying of people with a life-threatening illness and to also contribute to the wellbeing of their relatives. First and foremost by studies on the quality and organization of care at the end of life, in all health care settings and among all stakeholders. Important subthemes are advance care planning, palliative care, family care, nursing care and decision-making at the end-of-life. The research group Quality and Safety of Health care aims to increase scientific knowledge on determinants at the organization, professional and patient level and to translate this knowledge to implementation of evidence based interventions. Specific themes are: patient safety in hospitals, safety II, teamwork, tools for teams, and value based personalized health care.