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High-quality research flourishes in a culture characterized by independence and integrity. Technological and social developments continuously lead to evolving views on how researchers can maintain their research integrity.

Shared values and principles of honesty and integrity lay the foundation of responsible teaching and conduct of research. Amsterdam UMC is working on a research environment that promotes and guarantees good research practice and has endorsed The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (see 'Downloads').

This Code articulates broad values and principles that characterize an integer research culture. In addition to this Code, the Amsterdam UMC Research Code defines local guidelines and expectations that researchers and staff are expected to follow when conducting research at Amsterdam UMC. (see 'Downloads').

Despite efforts to promote responsible conduct of research, situations can arise where research integrity seems to have been compromised. Together with the associated universities, Amsterdam UMC operates joint policies for the handling of alleged breaches of integrity.

Complaints procedures outline the various steps to be taken in the event of an alleged breach, the officers who play a role in this procedure and what you can expect once a complaint has been submitted.

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