The desire to make a difference for cancer patients does not only motivate medical professionals. Everyone is dedicated to bring our common goal closer: finding better solutions and improving the opportunities for cancer patients now and in the future.

It remains very special that we receive financial support from private donors. Because of their involvement in our work, we are able to fund research that is valuable for patients.” says professor Geert Kazemier, director of the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation.

Helping innovative and promising research

Research can lead to better ways to prevent, detect or treat cancer or to improve the quality of life of patients. Financial resources are essential to support this research.
Researchers involved in cancer research at both locations of Amsterdam UMC can apply for grants for innovative and promising research that may be at an early stage or is otherwise not yet ready for submission to other funding agencies. These grants are made possible by the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation.

Want to help to raise funds?

Various professionals, organizations and people have raised money, for example through the organization of an event or participation in a sports event. .

If you want to help raise funds to fight cancer, contact the Cancer Center Amsterdam Foundation or