At Amsterdam UMC we will be able to help our patients ever better and more precisely in the future by making use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze large amounts of useful data. For example, this will allow us to detect symptoms earlier and make faster diagnostic and treatment decisions. The ‘AI Technology for People’ partnership will help us to achieve these aims.

Data provide insight into patient characteristics, lifestyles, illnesses, care outcomes, and the links between them. Analyzing this data also makes it possible, for instance, to better predict hospital workloads, such as in the ER. In the coming years Amsterdam UMC intends to make optimal and responsible use of this data in order to demonstrably improve patient health

We won’t be doing it alone, but together with our regional partners, in the ‘AI Technology for People’ partnership. This is about people, after all” - says Mat Daemen, vice-dean of research at Amsterdam UMC.

‘AI Technology for People’ is a joint initiative bringing together the city of Amsterdam, knowledge institutes, hospitals and enterprises in the Amsterdam area. The partners will work together on a number of innovative projects, including the improvement of health care provision through data-derived information.

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Partners and leading scientists

In ‘AI Technology for People’ the Amsterdam UMC is joining forces with a variety of regional partners: the University of Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam, the municipality of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Sanquin, the Amsterdam Economic Board, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science. The partners will work together to develop responsible AI technologies and business applications for regional public health care, through joint and individual research programs led by leading scientists. Students will also be involved, having access to the most up-to-date AI knowledge in the areas of business, health and citizens.

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