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  • COVID-19
    COVID-19 COVID-19 is the disease caused by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2. Read the most recent insights on the topic of COVID-19:
  • Education
    Education Knowledge sharing is essential for today’s professionals. We give them the best opportunities to learn from and with each other. We want to ensure that a patient can benefit from latest knowledge, expertise and insights. Read about our latest activities and insights on education.
  • Faculty
    Faculty Professors play an essential role in educating the next generation of doctors and researchers. Together with other professionals, they ensure that new doctors are educated, patients recieve care following the last insights and that our doctoral candidates can successfully complete their PhD programs. Read the most recent updates on professors at Amsterdam UMC. .
  • Forensic medicine
    Forensic medicine Forensic medicine applies medical knowledge for the purpose of litigation and judicial investigation. Read the most recent articles on the topic of forensic medicine.
  • Global Health
    Global Health Amsterdam UMC wants to work worldwide to provide the best care for tomorrow. Read the most recent articles on the topic of global health:
  • Imaging
    Imaging Imaging is an indispensable tool for diagnosing, investigating, predicting, and treating. Innovations in the field of imaging provide (future) patients and researchers with new opportunities, such as a faster diagnosis or an improved assessment to determine which treatment is most effective. Read about our activities and insights on imaging..
  • Immunity &  vaccination
    Immunity & vaccination The immune sytem protects our body against infectious diseases caused by bacterias, viruses and fungi. Vaccines can help the immune system. .
  • Medicines & drug development
    Medicines & drug development Which drugs are most suitable for which patient? Which combinations of drugs work best? Can drugs be more afforable? Read about our latest activities and insights here,
  • Movement & Sports
    Movement & Sports Amsterdam UMC researches human movement. We want to prevent and treat injury and lllness in sports and health. Read about our latest activities and insights.