To do:

  • Check first if you fulfill the requirements:

    • The PhD Thesis Award is given for outstanding PhD Theses published and defended in last year at the Faculty of Medicine at UvA or the Faculty of Medicine at the VU
    • The PhD candidate must be registered at the Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School (AMC/UvA) or Hora Finita (VUmc/VU
    • The PhD candidate is available for the annual Awards Session
  • Submit five copies of the PhD Thesis together with a letter of recommendation from the PhD Supervisor at the location AMC or VUmc
  • Be aware that in case you are nominated the three nominees will give a brief oral presentation of the highlights in their PhD Research.

Necessary documents:

  • Five hard copies of the PhD Thesis
  • A letter of recommendation (in English) from the PhD supervisor, in which the quality of the PhD thesis is illustrated and in which the relevance, significance and originality of the research are highlighted


The Amsterdam UMC Doctoral School presents annual awards for three most outstanding PhD theses defended in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam or Vrije Universiteit. Nominations can be made by a PhD supervisor and are assessed each year by a panel of judges. The thesis as a whole should make an original and significant contribution to science, and demonstrate clear understanding of the specific thesis topic(s) and the overall field of study.


A jury of experienced scientists from a range of disciplines in the Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, will independently review all submissions and evaluate the scientific quality, relevance, originality and impact of the research in the thesis and the portfolio, as well as the dedication and independence of the researcher. A shortlist of three nominees is made, based on their rankings, in a jury meeting. The jury decides on the award winner at the Awards Session.


All candidates will receive notification by e-mail from the Doctoral School and learn whether they are nominated. The three nominees will receive further instructions about their presentation at the Awards Session.


At the Awards Session, the three nominees will give a brief oral presentation of the highlights in their PhD research, in no more than 5 minutes. After these three presentations, the jury decides who will win the first prize, based on the quality of the presentation and that of the PhD thesis, and who will win the second prizes. The winners will receive their awards at the annual Awards Session.