To do:

  • The supervisor first polls the candidate members on willingness and availability to attend the PhD ceremony and fills out the Hora Finita tab ‘PhD examining committee’ (‘oppositie’) (titles and names, affiliation, discipline, email addresses)
  • Both the Office of Doctorate Affairs VUmc (Bureau Promotiezaken) and the Dean, assess the composition of the committee
  • After approval a letter with relevant data will be sent to all the members of the committee from Hora Finita

Necessary documents:

Not applicable.


Day of the defence

Check for practical information the VU Amsterdam website .

Due to the Corona virus until further notice, all defence ceremonies will take place online. The Beadle will inform those involved in the ceremony about one week before the day of the defence. Find answers tot frequently asked questions It is not certain when the ceremonies will take place physically again.

The official language allowed to be used during the ceremony is Dutch, English, French or German. Another language is possible if the VU Amsterdam Rector Magnificus gives permission.